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TOP ART lighting application models: VEOK-ST0251

TOP ART lighting application number: 60. 
       Li Yuchun, 26 March 2011, "Why Me" concert at the official opening of Wuhan Sports Center Stadium, as the iconic figure of today's entertainment, music its unique tactile Li and frank calm personality, with great charm irresistible. "Why Me" concert in Wuhan lot different from the previous personality into the design, highlights the full, especially in the choreography, the lighting configuration upgrade again, with 4D LED group display a sense of magic and bring visual impact-like waterfalls, on-site Playing fantasy elements to create flying into the earth, through time and space of magic scene; this concert to create the most powerful magic to the scene, using the most advanced stage lighting equipment, and stage design with each other. With Germany

in the light Sheng (VEOK) ST-0251 Matrix lights first-class stability and its products, security, technological leadership and high scalability, the unique charm of the live performance lighting brings a thorough visual Shock. All fans are shocked Germany Sheng (VEOK) ST-0251 Matrix perfect reflection of light charm.
      As Li quietly white dress sitting on a white sofa, light whisper of light singing, with the tail lamp, screen shaking the corrugated and swimming fish, TOP ART (VEOK) ST-0251 Matrix light shadow obscure aesthetic, Soft and graceful, beautiful romantic spot, immersed in a fantasy fans into listening quietly. When the spring and red spring and put the Indian style clothing charm, big sexy belly dance show, TOP ART (VEOK) ST-0251 Matrix lights become dynamic, bringing a strong visual impact. Interactive dance, elaborate stage, the audience lit the flame of passionate fans, the whole rave scene heat tambourine dance.
      Perfect ending concert, the audience deeply appreciate the unique charm of the star and German Sheng (VEOK) ST-0251 Matrix light shock, changing the lighting art. Look forward to continued innovation Li breakthrough brings us more surprises.

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