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King Kong Compass 6.94 Out-door
Name:King Kong Compass 6.94 Out-door
Mini Order:30pcs
Payment Terms:T/T
Deliver Time:15dyas
Packing:fly case
Production Capacity:100pcs /10days

1、Elegant and appearance: unique streamlining, user-friendly curved handle design, perfect appearance by science and art.
2、Most popular rental cabinet size design: 500mmX500mmX65mm.
3、“Four feet” and “four hands” design makes installation very easier without any tool: the eight parts on cabinet constitute eight handles which can be grabbed easily to realize convenient and quick installation.
4、Seamless splicing technology: aluminum die-casting technology, gap tolerance within 0.1mm between the cabinet and the module, the splicing-distance between cabinets within 0.2mm.
5、Fast and efficient assemble: there is a Level gauges curved in the cabinet rear, very easy and accurate to fix position of each cabinet.
6、Scientific heat-dissipation : high stability, inbuilt heat-dissipation chip module design , automatic heat-dissipation through air-convection.
7、Multiple Installation Design: User can use this for hung installation, stable installation, Wall installation, Roof installation, and 120 degree curved installation.
8、High display technology for dot by dot calibration: high refresh, high grey level, more colors.
9、Patent technology makes the product more stabile, the stability is 36 times compare to the same type of product from other suppliers, with strict SGS test, and can work well under -10℃ ~ +50℃ bad weather.
10、Used for outdoor and indoor: IP65 at front and rear,  5000Nits brightness.
11、Self-clocking function: this ensures each screen with the same use frequency, in order to keep the same color in each led screen.
12、Lighted weight to save money: only 4.5KG with die-casting cabinet, weights 2/3 of the same product from other suppliers.
13、Lower use cost: small cabinet for easy stock, save your labor cost.
14、Patent mask: This ensures there is no gap between cabinets, and color is the same in whole led screen.
15、EMC test approved: This offers users no jam signal, and provides you high end level and military product quality.
16、New shadow control technology, this offer you a led screen without shadow under scan test.
17、No fans for silence working.
18、Neutrik power and data connectors to ensure stable connection.

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