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3W*36RGB LED Moving head
Name:3W*36RGB LED Moving head
Mini Order:30pcs
Payment Terms:T/T
Deliver Time:7dyas
Packing:fly case
Production Capacity:100pcs /10days
1. Color Range 16.7 million additive RGB colors; continuously variable
intensity (256*256*256=16777216)
2. Dimming 0-100%with regulated constant color control
3. Strobe: 10 Flashed per second (any color)
4. Function: it is max mix color, color change, colors gradual change, flash,
speed/luminance the adjustable and Save function.
5. Electrical motor: processing system inside control 3 micro step electrical
6. Pan: 4500 Y1: 1600 Y2: 1600All of them are micro-step precisely
7. Programmed inside
8. 13CH Mode DMX Value
CH 1 Pan (X)
CH 2 Tilt 1 (Y)
CH 3 Tilt 2 (Z)
CH 4 X/Y/Z Speed
CH 5 Built-in Program
CH 6 Built-in program speed
CH 7 Strobe
CH 8 Dimmer
CH 9 R
CH 10 G
CH 11 B
CH 12 Mixing Color
CH 13 Reset
9. Thermal:
Maximum ambient temperature: 400
Maximum housing temperature: 60

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